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Event: Magnetic Presents Kerri Chandler + Interview [Halcyon SF]

We chat with the house legend before he breaks in the new Atmos system
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On Wednesday, we announced that Halcyon SF has become one of the only clubs in the world to feature Dolby's Atmos system, and to kick things off, we invited none other than Kerri Chandler. But, ahead of our party tonight, we caught up with him for a nice little chat. 

You are the founder of not one, not two, but THREE music labels featuring music some of our favorite world-renowned acts such as Dennis Ferrer, Waze & Odyssey and Jamie Jones. What’s it like having all these artists on your roster?

Everyone is like family to me, I’m very happy to have so many wonderful and inspiring friends that love music as much as I do.

Speaking of said labels, Madhouse Records will be releasing its 25-year anniversary album in September mixed by you! Can you tell the readers what emotions this evokes from you given that it’s been 25 years?

I opened my mail and there was a huge wall display from the main office with the official 25-year logo on it. Kind of in a flash I kind of saw the history in my head. And had a smile and kind of remember when my partner Mel and I did his anniversary party for Champion Records. What a ride it has been.

You’ve been in this industry since the early 90’s. What’s something you miss about the 90’s?

The Record stores, there were so many great ones in NYC, Dance Tracks, Vinyl Mania, Kim’s, Movin Records, Black Market are a few that come to mind. All of these weren’t just a place to buy records. Each of these places was a place to meet, hang out and learn music.

San Francisco has its own unique and interesting history too. Will you get chance to check anywhere out during your time here? If so, where will be your go-to?

I have a few things planned with my friends at Dolby Labs for the Atmos system and Also Meeting with my a friend, Douglas from METI especially. I started coming to San Francisco in the early 90s Mighty was one place I really enjoyed, Migs and the parties I did with Said early on especially.

Out of all the places you’ve traveled to around the world on tour, what’s one of the best shows you recall?

Sir Henry’s in Cork Ireland stands out to me, I have always had such incredible times in Ireland and also infamous ones. Sub Club Scotland, Yellow and Air in Japan, MoS in London, Sankeys in Manchester, New York way too many to Name, DC10 Ibiza, Bar a Thym, La Grange and Rex in France, Echos, Wall and Red Zone in Italy come to mind. Southport Weekender and Suncebeat UK, Blitz and Watergate in Germany, Supermarket and D club in Switzerland. You Name a Country I can just keep Naming places. I love them all and I feel very blessed. to have kept returning again and again, but honestly, it’s more about the people than the places for me.

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Halcyon has a reputation for its dusk ‘till dawn philosophy and some impromptu marathon sets have happened at the club. What’s the longest set you’ve ever played?

I average about 15 hours each time I played in Japan or New York it was kind of standard.

We hear you will be giving us a taster of the new Dolby Atmos set up at Halcyon too! How did you first find out about Atmos and how do you think it will affect the industry as it develops?

The Team at Dolby are incredible and very creative I’m happy to be on the team working with them. I think once you kind of hear what it can do, normal stereo will sound as similar or as a comparison like watching black and white and then your exposure to an HD color television for the first time. Or hearing movies with no surround sound when you're used to it, you would be yelling at the owner of the theater if they had 2 speakers on. Kind of like that, is my opinion on it.

We already know we are going to be in for a treat when you play at Halcyon. As an experienced producer/DJ who’s continually at the top of his game, are there any tracks that have become secret weapons in your sets?

The Dolby Atmos content I have made exclusively for that system is what I’m really looking forward to.

One of our favorite tracks of yours is titled “So It Begins Again”. What was the vision behind this track?

It’s my thought that new generations of music lovers cycle in about every 7 to 10 years. when I see it happening it feels like it’s starting all over again. That new excitement, the new music the new DJs. It's starting again.

What are you looking forward to most about playing in SF and at Halcyon?

All of it, my first time at Halcyon and I’m really looking forward to it.

We can’t wait to have you!

Thank You for having me


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