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Matthew Dear Announces First Album in 6 Years, 'Bunny' Via Ghostly

Dear will release his next album on October 12.
Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear has announced his first album in six years Bunny. The LP will be released on October 12 via Ghostly International. To boost the announcement, he has released two singles (a new trend we are seeing), “Echo” and “Bunny’s Dream.” He has also revealed the full LP tracklist, which features Tegan & Sara twice including the previously released “Bad Ones.”

Matthew Dear has been busy over the past six years, xworking on different projects leading up to his fifth album. He had two more children, was touring heavily and came back as Audion. He is also someone who takes a long time to make music, so it was always going to take time.

“I’ve even played a part in making two more humans since Beams,” he explains in a statement. “Well, I DJ'd a lot, put out an Audion album, and submitted a DJ-Kicks mix. Throughout it all, as has been the case since I was 14, I made loads of weirdo music. If it weren't digital, there'd be boxes of tapes and tapes and tapes. See, that's the thing. I'm a tinkerer. I'm a loop obsessed sound hack.”

And why did Dear title his album Bunny? Well I will let him explain that one.

“Fundamentally, I love the way the word looks and sounds. I love the way it rolls off the mind and onto the tongue. It's a funny thing too. Bunnies are cute. Bunnies are weird. They're soft. They're sexy. They're lucky. They wildly procreate. They trick hunters, but get tricked by turtles. They lead you down holes.”

Bunny will be released on October 12 and it can be pre-ordered here. Also Dear’s Black City will be released on a limited edition vinyl here.

01. Bunny’s Dream

02. Calling

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03. Can You Rush Them

04. Echo

05. Modafinil Blues

06. What You Don’t Know

07. Horses (feat. Tegan and Sara)

08. Moving Man

09. Bunny’s Interlude

10. Duke of Dens

11. Electricity

12. Kiss Me Forever

13. Bad Ones (feat. Tegan and Sara)

14. Before I Go

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