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The New York festival scene is potentially losing another big name to the annals of history. Meadows Festival, the second festival put on by Founders Entertainment, has canceled their 2018 edition, hoping to return in 2019.

Backed by Live Nation, who recently had one of their strongest quarters to date, it doesn’t seem like money was an issue. We were there last year and the crowds were quite big. It is also falls at the end of the calendar year for festivals in New York and brings out a different crowd with some older, veteran acts, mixed with some enterprising up-and-comers. They don’t just do the same 25 acts on the festival circuit that year and it is nice to see. 

Meadows falls before New York fashion week, which brought a lot of artists to town, so the special guests were almost on a Coachella level. The festival seemed to gain a lot of momentum in it's second year only to be derailed by issues with permitting, though this isn't anything new with the city. Panorama originally tried to have their festival in this new location and was denied.

In a statement on their website, Meadows says their focus has always been to be a fall, multi-day festival in Queens. They want to move on from Citi Field and to Meadows Corona Park (which the festival is named after). “However, after review of our application by NYC Parks, we were not able to obtain a workable multi-day permit for a 2018 festival in the park,” says Meadows. They are looking to 2019 to try and work things out and put on a festival.

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