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Meet SUAT: The Guy Dropping Cheeky DJ Sets At McDonalds, Nandos, IKEA & KFC

Meet the man taking house music back to people where they eat, shop and drive.


DJs have been breaking ground in the past decade, taking their craft to new places all over the world. The goal always seem to go somewhere more obscure, historical or bigger. Now one DJ is going back to the people and DJing where they spend time on a regular basis. Zach Sabri, better known as SUAT, goes to fast food restaurants, stores, gas stations and other public places like Nandos, IKEA, KFC and McDonalds and sets up his equipment to play DJ sets in or outside of the establishment. It is streamed live on the Facebook and those eating, ordering food or attempting to figure out what piece of impossible to assemble furniture get a soundtrack to their experience. We decided to chat with SUAT about why he wanted to do this, what kicked this off and if there have ever been any run ins with the police.

1. Why did you start to do these streams in these fast food restaurants?

I started to do streams in restaurants and other public areas to try to remove the stereotype of dance and underground music being associated with dark dungeon clubs and drugs. Once you take the music to a different environment people begin to actually listen and this opens the sounds up to ALL ages not just people my age. I’ve had people from ALL over the world and ALL ages message me, all the way up to 75, saying how great the sound is.

2. When did you first start to do them?

I first started last winter so maybe about 9 months ago.

3. Who has been receptive and who has been not receptive to these?

I’ve had an excellent response. Almost everyone is very welcoming and curious and lots of people stick around. People love dancing and often walk in frowning and leave laughing. The odd person makes a daft comment on each video but that’s no bother for me.

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4. What has been the general reaction of customers and employees when you first walk in and then start to play?

On first glance people are confused. They’re not sure if I’m meant to be there or if it’s a prank - it REALLY isn’t :) They know something’s going on when my team and I walk in with the equipment, unpack and start setting up.

5. How do things go when a restaurant kicks you out? Have the cops ever been called on you?

I do places other than restaurants. However no I’ve never been kicked out from a restaurant. My very very first video that wasn’t live streamed that you can find on my page the police were called. That’s because I was DJing out of my car however I was parked illegally so this lady called the police lol.

6. Do customers ever request songs?

I’m still yet to have an in house song request from a customer! The search continues :)

Keep up with SUAT on Instagram and Facebook.

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