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Hot off his latest release on Mad Decent with Anna Lunoe "Badass", Born Dirty takes the time to chat with Magnetic Mag about his influences, the struggles of starting the project, and 'how some people can tell so many people in one room “YOU'RE THE BEST”!'

If you are unfamiliar with Born Dirty, here's a short introduction. Born Dirty started as a collaboration between successful DJs/producers Son Of Kick and Linden Jay in 2015, and has since evolved into a fast rising solo project of the former Son Of Kick. Born Dirty is consistently releasing heater after heater on labels like Dirtybird, Mad Decent and many more. Garnering support from some of the biggest names in the industry like Claude VonStroke, Gorgon City, and Jack Beats, Born Dirty has definitely earned his names as a rising star and one to watch for 2018. 

That being said, Born Dirty took the time to answer a few questions with us at Magnetic Mag before heads off to play HARD Summer this weekend. 

How did the side-project of Born Dirty end up becoming the focus in your career?

I was already out of my previous project and was actually working on something else (more type of thing, not BD). Then I started making some club tunes with Linden Jay, and after a few releases and Born Dirty picking up, it felt natural to focus entirely on this project.

How did you come up with your sound that fuses hip-hop with house?

It's hard to explain as it's not really a formula. It's more an insane amount of music influence floating in the studio at all times. Sometimes it's hip-hop and house, sometimes it tips towards techno, B-more, Afro Beats.

What are your biggest influences?

If we are talking music, the list is just long. I mean, I literally grew up listening to everything from 60's Ye Ye, French jazz, 80's pop to hip-hop, grunge, folk, goth, rock, jungle, grime and more. Those genres are, were and will always be one of my biggest influences for the reason that they didn't care what genre they were making. They were always experimenting and pushing boundaries.

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As the Born Dirty project has grown in popularity, what have been the biggest challenges with touring and navigating the music industry?

Starting a project from scratch was the biggest challenge - I did not use any of the resources from my previous project. At first, the labels passed on all the most popular Born Dirty tunes. Sitting on so much heat and have no one wanting it because it was either a little too ahead of the times or the project wasn’t big enough is always hard to swallow. But, I always keep my head down and keep working because I know where I’m going with it all.

Another difficult thing was to re-center and readjust after Linden Jay and I stopped working on BD together and it became a solo project - but it's now all smooth and cruising!

Coming from West London, is there anything about now living in Los Angeles that at first either shocked you or that you didn’t expect?

For the record, I'm French (oui oui) and lived in West London for 17 years, that's why I have a fucked up accent and some UK influenced music.

Regarding LA, I was touring the US with my previous project prior to moving here so I already knew what to expect really. I love LA and how laid back it is. One thing that shocked me, and still does, is how some people can tell so many people in one room “YOU'RE THE BEST”!

 What’s one thing that most people don’t know about Born Dirty?

I've signed a 2 and a half single deal with Lu Cyfer.

You can buy tickets to see Born Dirty play at Hard Summer next weekend here: Tickets

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