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Paul Oakenfold To DJ Stonehenge, Record Live Album Of Performance

Paul will make history with his private performance next month.

Paul Oakenfold is making history by becoming the first DJ ever to perform at Stonehenge. The invite-only event for 50 guests will also be recorded for a live album, Live At Stonehenge.

"I am so lucky to be able to share my music from such an iconic site. The energy there will be like nowhere else on earth, and this will be reflected in my music and performance,” says Oakenfold in a statement.

“Despite having performed at incredible events and locations all across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most magical.”

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The event will happen next month. For Oakenfold, it adds to the growing number of historic sites he has played at including the Great Wall of China and Base Camp at Mount Everest, which he did last year.

All funds from the show will go to English Heritage, which helps preserve over 400 sites across the UK. 

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