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Peggy Gou Launching Music Label Gudu, Fashion Line Kirin

Peggy Gou is going out on her own with big new ventures.
Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou

Peggy Gou has announced a new music label called Gudu and fashion line titled Kirin.

In an interview with i-d, the Korean DJ hints that she will be launching the music label next year.

“I realized I wanted to be my own boss with my own music,” she says. “At first I wanted to have just my music but now I think people would like to know what kind of artists I support.”

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The name is a play on words with her own name. “Gudu” means “Gou Do” or in her words “Peggy Gou does.”

With the label she wants to support Asian artists, but is open to anyone. “Music is music so if I like it, you’re signed,” she says. “If I like it then that’s it.”

She is also launching a fashion line titled Kirin, meaning Giraffe in Korean. She has always been a big fan of giraffes (there is a big one tattooed on her leg).

Gou has been interested in fashion for a long time, but it wasn’t until she was DJing an Off White event last year that the opportunity arose to do something of her own. New Guards Group (NGG), the fashion production house of Off White held a meeting with her after that night and they decided to launch something together that will be high-end streetwear for women, but will become unisex in the future. 

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