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Porter Robinson Celebrates 4 Year 'Worlds' Live Anniversary With New Merch Using Early Art Sketches

Porter Robinson is back with some new raw merch.
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He may have moved onto Virtual Self, but Porter Robinson has not forgotten about his past music. Many fans celebrated the four-year anniversary of his album Worlds on August 12 and now he is celebrating the four-year anniversary of his first Worlds live show with some special merchandise.

The new merch comes with early art sketches from music videos and live tour visuals. There are five different Tees for some of the biggest songs from the tour like “Sad Machine,” Easy” and “Flicker.”

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The sketches look raw and aren’t something you would normally see on a t-shirt, so this is a very unique opportunity in artist merchandise. The shirts can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped on September 24. View them now.

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