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Premiere: Astronautica Unveils Lush, Hazy New Single 'Sand + Fog'

The single is taken from her upcoming album 'Death Valley.'


27-year-old Los Angeles native Edrina K. Martinez, better known professionally as, Astronautica is prepped to release her third album. Her lush and soothing productions have continued to develop over her career and her upcoming album Death Valley only drives that point home. With the album two weeks away from release, we are happy to share the next single “Sand + Fog” for you today before it is released in full on Monday.

“Sand + Fog” is the type of record you want to hear from Astronautica. It has lush melodies develop around trip-hop-influenced bass lines and percussion, while hazy vocals echo in the distance as if whispered through a cloud of sand and fog.

The upcoming album will be a bit different from what you have heard from Astronautica in the past.

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“This is my third full-length album, and although sonically they all sound a bit different, there is always the underlying theme in which my music is a reflection of the experiences I've had and the places I've been," says the producer. "Music is my outlet to journal my explorations, and Death Valley really is a culmination of everything I experienced over the past two years.

“Sand + Fog” will be released this Monday, August 13 and Death Valley will drop in full on August 24 via Alpha Pup Records. 

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