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Premiere: Cubicolor Reveal Blissful Single "Boxed Out"

Cubicolor describes the paradox of being connected online, but in reality we aren't connected to anyone in a real, human manner.


Dutch trio Peter Kriek, Ariaan Olieroock, Tim Digby-Bell, better known together as Cubicolor, are up to something. The group released their debut artist album Brainsugar back in 2016 on Anjunadeep and are back to releasing music with a single “Counterpart” last month and now “Boxed Out,” which we can premiere for you today.

If you aren’t familiar with Cubicolor, this is a great chance sink your teeth into this group that has some similarities to Moderat, but still finds its own unique niche. “Boxed Out” starts with fluttering keys and then Tim Digby-Bell joins the fray with his very soothing voice as blissful synths and strings rise to meet him in the hook.

Digby-Bell’s voice comes centerfold again in the break as he describes the overload we can feel from the digital world, but in reality it is all empty and devoid of real human interaction. It is not a real way to connect with others, yet we feel the need to do so.

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“’Boxed Out' channels the struggle we feel between our constant need to be 'online' and connected versus our need for real human interactions. Technology can move so fast these days you can barely catch a breath; 'Boxed Out' came from a sense of how isolating that can feel,” says Digby-Bell to Magnetic.

“While recording, I switched my phone to only display black and white and have kept it this way since. It's keeps the brain from getting a rush of dopamine from the insane amount of visual input we stare at every day.”

"Boxed Out" will be released tomorrow, August 30 via Anjunadeep.

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