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Coming at you this week is a brand new edit of the classic dubstep track "Tetris" by Doctor P. Having taken on the track and made a seriously powerful bootleg of it, Australian producer SUB-human definitely does it justice. 

Doctor P's original now has over 10 million streams, and this edit has had some big-name support from the likes of Barely Alive and PhaseOne. Keeping its gaming theme, there is fresh weight in the drops and rattling drum snatches throughout - meaning it will go off in any set. 

SUB-human says: "I read ‘Ready Player One’ leading up to the film being released and had a big hit of arcade game nostalgia. What better way to get my fix than adding a new touch on the big man’s classic ‘Tetris’? I’ve been having great fun chucking this in my sets lately and the crowd reaction has been immense!” 

Listen now - you can download it here. 

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