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Premiere: Holy Ghost! Provides End Of Summer Disco With Fresh Remix

Get a fresh load of disco with Holy Ghost!'s remix for Primaveras' "Wait Until Dawn."


The end of the summer is sadly almost here, so you need a quick burst of music to get you through that final stretch. Holy Ghost! are here to deliver with some summertime disco that would work all season and maybe even get you to the next. They have remixed Primaveras’ song “Wait Until Dawn,” taken from his upcoming album Echoes in the Well of Being.

The tune channels the synth-pop from the original and then turns up the dancefloor magic. Holy Ghost! add some chunky bass, a fresh synth line and work in the vocals to fit their own re-crafted beat. It is fun, infectious, very danceable and doesn't get stale overnight.

“I love what they did with the track; the original is much moodier and in a minor key, where as they really amplified the old-school disco elements and made it sound sort of Giorgio Morodor-y. I've been a fan of Holy Ghost! for years and particularly love that they make new wave/disco records that are musical,” says Primaveras. 

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“I think it's easy to get too caught up in subtle production moves and flourishes when making dance music, but I feel like they draw from a lot of old-school new wave and disco that makes you want to move but that also doesn't sacrifice musical integrity. I totally trusted them artistically to do something amazing with the song."

The remix will be released wide tomorrow, August 29, so stream this bad boy all day here. Primaveras is the new project from James Clifford, who will release his album Echoes in the Well of Being will be released on September 28.

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