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Premiere: Holy Goof Unleashes Relentless Remix For Carmada "Ready For It"

The remix will be released tomorrow, August 17 as part of a larger remix package via Circus Records.
Holy Goof

Holy Goof

Holy Goof (that’s a good name), has been a hot streak of late with a slew of releases and running the festival circuit across the UK and Europe, while fans clamor for a Drake “God’s Plan” bootleg that keeps on giving. Now he is doing some damage to Carmada’s “Ready For It” as part of a remix package releasing tomorrow, August 17.

Holy Goof turns up the tempo from the start with a quick jogging bassline and the ready soaring vocal from the original. Then the Goof takes over and the song descends into madness with a grinding mix of bass and house. There is a short break, before it heads down that same path again in the second drop.

Holy Goof tells us that he “Loved the track as soon as I heard it” and the “vocal really inspired me and couldn’t wait to remix it!”

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This will do some damage live, so be sure to pick this up and head out to the dancefloor with Holy Goof. 

This remix will be released tomorrow alongside others by Rido, MUST DIE! and Blanke via Circus Records.

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