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Premiere: Jauz Shares New Album Track With Dark, Gritty "Acid or Techno"

Get ready for The Wise and The Wicked this Friday.

Jauz is prepping the release of his large, 23-track debut album The Wise and The Wicked this Friday, August 31. He has already shared several singles from the record, giving fans an idea of how the album moves between various genres that have interested Jauz over the years. He is ready to shoot one more shot across the bow with “Acid Or Techno,” which lives true to its name.

“Acid Or Techno” is as advertised with a chugging, gritty bassline and dots of acid sprinkled in. It is a song that does not mess around and is geared for a dark dancefloor. It is one of the deeper and darker records Jauz has put out to date, but that is the type of rabbit hole you will have to head down on this album, which twists and turns with each of its four sections.

“Acid Or Techno” was initially a late night (early morning) idea Jauz came up with in 15 minutes and then forgot about. He was encouraged by Snails to keep the record and has been surprised that it has been so well received. To him it represents what the album is about -- “no frills, no musicality, just energy and driving basslines.”

“Acid or Techno was one of those random ideas that come together at 6am after a long, long night of grinding in the studio. A lot of the time that’s when you come up with your best (and also most of the time worst) ideas. I wrote the whole concept for the record in about 15 minutes, shut down my computer and went to sleep,” explains Jauz.

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The song was then reborn a few months later after playing it for Snails who encouraged him keep the record. To Jauz it represents what the album is about -- “no frills, no musicality, just energy and driving basslines.”

“3 or 4 months later, I happened to open it up to play it for Fred (Snails), almost as a joke, and he was like ‘wait this is actually so sick!!’ That seems to happen to me a lot, where I’ll think an idea I’ve written is dumb and it actually normally ends up being the songs of mine people like the most," explains Jauz. "Anyways, I wanted to wait for an opportunity for the song to really be showcased properly and I knew the time was right when I started writing the album. ‘Acid or Techno’ is such a perfect example of what being Wicked is all about - no frills, no musicality, just energy and driving basslines."

He has pretty surprised by the response so far, but appreciates that fans are willing to go down the rabbit hole with him.

"It’s what I imagine the wicked would be playing in an abandoned warehouse at 5:30 AM as the building is burning down around itself. It’s also kind of so polar opposite of the rest of the Wicked records that I thought it was really important to include to make that world feel more round, and complete. I had no idea how people would react to ‘AoT’ but it seems like so far everyone has loved it," says Jauz. I’m really appreciative of how supportive everyone has been of the more experimental records on the album & beyond and look forward to keep exploring down the rabbit hole!”

Stream the record below and get your hands on The Wise and The Wicked now before it is released on Friday. You are in for a treat with this one.

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