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Premiere: The Darcys 'Just Here With My Friends' Given Bright Remix By Lights

Lights give the song a more danceable quality.
The Darcys Leah Fay

The Darcys with Leah Fay doing something to a drink

Toronto duo The Darcys released their summery single “Just Here With My Friends” with Leah Fay last month, taking the traditional idea of meeting someone at a club, but flipping it so they could enjoy the night with their friends and saving that person for the next day. They have tapped fellow Canadian Lights to remix the record and she brightens the track with a light electronic touch.

Canadian producer, singer and musician Lights adds her own take on the track that keeps much of the original’s spirit with the vocals and the summery undercurrent still running through the song. She adds more synths on top and a strong bassline that gives it more of a fun, danceable quality.

“Love The Darcys, love Leah, and the song is a fun party banger,” says Lights. “I get a kick out of seeing how far I can take a song from the original while keeping the main spirit of the song. This was super fun to remix."

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For The Darcys, picking Lights was an obvious choice to remix this track and they want to collaborate with her at some point.

"Right away we thought Lights would be the perfect person to put a unique spin on ‘Just Here With My Friends.’ We’ve wanted to collaborate with her for a while, and what better way to celebrate community and friend love than asking someone we know and respect,” says Wes Marskell of The Darcys. “Most importantly, Lights’ version changes the tone and feel of the song in an interesting way, and we hope it brings new listeners who can further add to the conversation."

You can stream the full remix below before it is released this Friday, August 17.

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