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Premiere: Minecraft Composer C418 Releases Sprawling, Synth Track "Thunderbird"

C418's new album 'Excursions' will be released on September 7.

C418, real name Daniel Rosenfield, may not be a household name, but his music is played in a lot of households. As a composer for Minecraft, his music is there for millions to hear as they toy with the interactive gaming world. Now he is stepping outside of the gaming world and into his own musical journey with a fresh album Excursions on the way. We are happy to present seventh track on that record “Thunderbird.”

If you are a fan of the lengthy, melodic deadmau5 records, this is for you. Clocking in at over 13 minutes, C418 knows how to write a long song. His well-crafted bed of synths gently rise and fall, evolving from lighter, fluttering melodies to darker, more ominous sections that feature a steady kick drum underneath. "Thunderbird" may be long, but it is a riveting journey from start to finish that slowly builds and creates momentum to its eventual conclusion.

“Whenever I obsess over a piece of music, I am out of commission for weeks until I decide that I am done. That doesn’t happen very often, but it did with 'Thunderbird.’ I created it in a coffee shop in Austin, called, well, Thunderbird,” says Rosenfield. “They have fiber wire internet and that’s really useful if you compose 13 minute songs and have to wait and test listen for long stretches of times.”

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Stream the song in full below before it is released to the world tomorrow, August 21. His album Excursions will be released on September 7. 

Excursions Tracklist:

1. Excursions
2. Cold Summer
3. TXL
4. Tingle
5. Beton
6. AMS
7. Thunderbird
8. Aviva
9. Figure 8
10. Fake Triplets
11. Nest
12. Home

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