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Coming out tomorrow via Outer Realms (a label founded by Minnesota), is the "Noise Parade" EP from Pigeon Hole. The Canadian pairing has been working together for the past seven years, and are responsible for both the Age Like Astronauts and Chimp Blood LPs. 

We have the premiere of "Symbols" below - and it's a crisply put together bass cut with some powerful low-end energy that ripples beneath the surface. 

Pigeon Hole state of the EP: “Noise Parade’ is a portrait of us at this very moment. It captures the spirit of what we believe is Pigeon Hole coming into our own. We worked hard, and we think it's our best EP yet. We're honored Minnesota believed in the project and wanted it as the first release on the new label. This is our dirtiest project yet. We've been loving playing these tunes out lately and are pumped to team up with Minnesota and Outer Realms for the release.”

Enjoy "Symbols" here. 

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