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Premiere: Serious Klein - Voodoo Money

Serious Klein shares a booming new single from his upcoming album You Should’ve Known.
Serious Klein

Serious Klein

Ghanaian/German rapper Serious Klein has linked up with producer Rascal (Chance The Rapper, SiR, Etta Bond) on his tough new single “Voodoo Money.” The single takes a left turn from his R&B influenced single "Should've Known,” released last month.

“Voodoo Money” is built around a booming bass instrumental that rumbles and shakes in the background. Serious Klein takes control with braggadocio, diving into the types of activities that people would do for money. Money has the same power as voodoo, corrupting people to do things they might not otherwise do – “getting money by any means necessary,” as Serious Klein says.

“I have witnessed that a lot in the past,” he explains, “friends that changed over night, due to the love of money. It’s like thinking that you know someone and feeling that they’re being entranced by somebody in the way Voodoo magic does.”

This is the second song in a trilogy from his upcoming album You Should’ve Known. It follows his song “Coochie Money” that was a more socially conscious look at the subject.

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Fans of “Throw Some D’s” will likely immediately recognize the sample in the hook and they are not biting that to get away with it. They wanted to use it to fit the theme.

“Rascal and I worked on the record for almost a year, chopped the beat, tried to record it & then re-worked it, spent a whole day on the recordings, discarded them and took the old ones,” explains Klein. “I was even thinking about kicking it from the album until I came up with that ‘Throw Some D’s’ sample.”

He offers one final message of hope.

“Change is inevitable, whether it’s good or bad, you have the power to observe yourself and you’re in control of the direction your life takes.”

“Voodoo Money” will be released tomorrow, August 24 via Majestic Casual. Stream the single until then below.

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