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Premiere: Turkuaz Bring The Funk On New Album Title Track 'Life In The City'

Get ready for Turkuaz' new album Life In The City out on September 28.

Brooklyn-based nonet (nine people), Turkuaz are ready to announce their fifth artist album Life In The City. We are happy to premiere the lead single and title track “Life In The City,” along with its animated video today before it is released tomorrow.

At its core, “Life In The City” is a storming onslaught of funk, but carries a message many urbanites know well of the never ending hustle that comes with living in a city. The full and rich sounds from all nine members of the band are on display, creating a complex, yet fun danceable tune.

This was the first song that was written following their 2015 album Digitonium. It helps set the table for the record, musically and thematically.

The video picks up right where they left off on the last single. “The main character has a frighteningly mind-opening experience as he enters a whole new world,” explains guitarist and vocalist Dave Brandwein. “This video sets the scene for this new album and new era for Turkuaz.”

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The band worked with Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads on this record, which they say was “an absolute honor.”

We asked Dave Brandwein a few questions about working with Harrison and the difference between this record and Digitonium. Life In The City will be released on September 28. 

1. How Was Working With Jerry Harrison?

“This was one of our first instances having a producer besides myself in the mix. Jerry and his engineer, ET Thorngren, flew out to New York and we worked on two songs together – “On the Run,” the single we released last year, and "If I Ever Fall Asleep" a new track on this new record. ET is really whacky and fun in that you never know what he's going to say or do next. 

His intense energy and honest approach kept us on our toes to draw good performances out of us. Jerry's calm and thoughtful approach provided an even balance to the dynamic. He was really helpful with some big picture concepts. We got along great. The two of them were the ones behind the mixing of the Talking Head's Stop Making Sense, which was a big influence on the creation of our band. It was a treat to get to look inside the minds of those two and observe how they think. Though much of the material was previously written, having the chance to invite their outside, objective perspective was a welcome change. It helped us break our own mold to create something we feel is very special.

2. What was different about recording this album from other projects?

Our last album, Digitonium, was a concept record from its genesis all the way to the end, and it was done in a relatively short period of time. For this album, we spent time sorting through lots of material and different ideas. We recorded much more than we ended up using, and across a few different studios over a couple of years. There was also way more collaborative writing occurring in varying ways compared to past records. Looking back now, although the process it was made was varied and took longer, it feels really cohesive. I think it ended up as a theme album in its own way and that feels evident now listening to it in its finished state. 

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