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Review: Elevating Your Vaping Experience with Al Harrington's Viola

Our cannabis reviewer tries Viola’s Thing #1 vape cartridge.
Al Harrington's Viola


Al Harrington, a retired 16-year NBA veteran who was a first-round pick in the 1998 NBA draft founded Viola in honor of his beloved grandmother by this same name who suffers from diabetes and glaucoma. Harrington had become aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis after he faced complications from a botched knee surgery that occurred as his NBA career was winding down. Armed with this knowledge, he convinced his reluctant grandma Viola to try cannabis to alleviate her pain, and she found relief immediately.

Viola was born in 2014 with Harrington setting his sights on becoming the NBA’s first marijuana mogul. Since then, Viola has grown to a national cannabis brand that consistently delivers high-quality flower and concentrates that are cultivated in facilities across the United States and developed using their award-winning extraction techniques.

The vape cartridge I obtained to sample was titled “Thing #1 (THC: 59.27% | CBD: <LOQ) with a terpene percentage of 12.76%. The two dominant terpenes b-caryophyllene and b-myrcene produced a savory taste with hints of tea, pine and black pepper. According to their listing, Thing #1 may create a thoughtful, creative, meditative, and cerebral mood. And this time, the advertising proved to be accurate in every smooth slow relatively smokeless draw. This experience primed me to try their other strains. 

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Though with over 200 strains in their genetic catalogue and more than 25 strains in, a quest to savor all of Viola’s cannabis creations could prove to a satiating, lengthy, exploration.

In addition to producing vape cartridges filled with both live resin and distillate, Viola also offers live resin PAX Era Pods in Colorado. They’re not available in Oregon yet, though. I first learned about this new innovation during a visit to HeyLo Cannabis Extracts, where I learned that the proprietary technology in this device can produce a customized smoke that can really take advantage of a high end extract such as those produced by Viola and HeyLo. Thanks to the PAX app, users can adjust their puff size. Choose a low temperature for a flavor forward high and then switch to high for a bigger puff.

Other extracts Viola produces includes budder, crumble, live resin, rosin, sauce, and shatter, as well as offering premium flower.

As licensed wholesalers of both medicinal and recreational cannabis products, Viola Vapes currently operates in Colorado, Oregon, Michigan and California, with plans to expand into Arizona and Nevada in 2019.

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