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Bass Boosted, Roland TR-808-Inspired Craft Beer Is Here For 808 Day

The beer was brewed with bass.


If you don’t have social media, a calendar or don’t pay attention to much music, you may have missed the fact that today is 808 day. Today is when we celebrate the almighty and influential Roland TR-808, which has given music so much. Now you can celebrate the day with some 808-inspired craft beer.

Dubbed the BR-808, the beer is a collaboration between beer makers, Mondo Brewing Company, Devilcraft and Melvin Brewing and filmmakers Origin Workshop. They say the beer delivers “a solid Japanese kick that resonates through the American IPA flavors.”

At 7%, you will feel it after a couple of drinks that come with tropical, citrus aromas and mikan orange peel, using Citra and Amarillo hops.

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In the promo video you will see their devotion to the 808 and their secret ingredient, the kickdrum itself, which was used during the brewing process. Apparently they played bass to alter the water and potentially enhance the flavor. You can drink it to find out.

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