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Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls EDM As Ex-Con DJ Solitary On Showtime's 'Who Is America?'

He has a really horrifying track too.
Sacha Baron Cohen DJ Solitary Who Is America

When fistbumps go right

Sacha Baron Cohen is continuing his exposure of America for whatever it is and has turned his attention to the underbelly of dance music, EDM for the fifth episode of Who Is America? He heads to Miami as Ricky Sherman aka DJ Solitary, a bald ex-con who is looking for a second chance at life, now making EDM. He links up with Jake Inphamous at Heart Nightclub, which abruptly closed this year, to show off his music.

During that interaction, Cohen plays a song for Inphamous that features sounds sampled in the prison that range from people taking a piss (literally this time), vomiting, someone getting stabbed and what he says is sodomy in live time. In response to the stabbing sounds, Inphamous says, “I mean if it is happening, might as well capture it.” Art is art right?

Jake Inphamous is on to something when he says that it sounds very UK. He could just be falling for the bit entirely, but Hudson Mohawke did admit to producing this collection of sounds.

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DJ Solitary doesn’t stop there. He gets a gig at Sway Nightclub and actually steps into the DJ booth to DJ. Before he starts, he shows just how gullible crowds are when responding to DJs (this goes for any performer too). He shouts, "Let's hear it for all those murderers who [are] locked up because of crimes they committed! If you believe we should stop shaming murderers, say yeah,” which gets some rousing “yeahs!” in return.

The clip is short so you can’t see him work, but when his song comes on it is a bit overwhelming. The sodomy part was initially a dancefloor clearer, but in the end the crowd seemed to like it.

Digging a little deeper, a Chris Valencia was potentially an opener on that night.

If you were there, please email me. I need to hear more. Watch the clip here via Mixmag or on Showtime.

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