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Savor the Cannabis Lifestyle with Oregrown and HeyLo Cannabis PAX Era Pods

“As someone whose prefers vaping over smoking, I was particularly intrigued by the PAX Era Pods.”
Pax Era Vape Oregrown

The revolutionary PAX Era vaporizer at Oregrown’s flagship store in Downtown Bend

Craft connoisseurs will appreciate Oregrown’s farm-to-table approach to cannabis. From cultivation to extraction, this company maintains creative control over their line of flower, extracts, and concentrates. At their award winning flagship dispensary in Bend, Oregon, and their website, one can purchase a range of clothing and other accessories that promote an outdoorsy cannabis lifestyle without the stereotypical stoner trappings.

Oregrown’s indoor flower is grown using traditional organic agricultural methods with a look, smell, and taste reminiscent of savoring a fine scotch. This flower used in their handcrafted terpene sauce produces a smooth flavorful taste designed for those who savor their cannabis. This sauce is a High-Terpene, Full-Spectrum Extract that is isolated using natural means. This terpene sauce is available in their caviar for high-end dabs or in their PAX Era Pods.

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Picking up a PAX Era Pod:

As someone whose prefers vaping over smoking, I was particularly intrigued by the PAX Era Pods. I first encountered the PAX Era low-profile oil vaporizer when I visited HeyLo Cannabis in Seattle. I learned this proprietary technology helps address a range of issues encountered when using many cartridges thanks to its no-button interface and a low fail rate. Thanks to a smartphone app, users can adjust the temperature choosing a lower temperature for fuller flavor and a higher temperature for a larger plume. Also, the device indicates when the battery is running low, so one won’t be stuck out on the woods with a dud device.

Oregrown’s PAX Era Pods gave me an incredibly smooth draw that allowed the flavor to linger in my mouth. I sampled their Berry Cherry Glue live resin, a high intensity low CBD hybrid. Their pods are available in Full Sauce, Sauce Plus, CO2 and Distillate varieties, thus providing vaping products that can meet a variety of consumer preferences. Currently, Oregrown is one of the few companies in Oregon producing pods designed for this new technology.

Moving over to Washington state, HeyLo Cannabis also produces PAX Era Pods filled with their raw extract. They package their products with the goal of educating the consumer. They chose an experienced based approach by noting on each box those activities most ideally suited for a given strain. Also, they pioneered the Cannastamp, a virtual representation of the prominent chemistry a given product. The designs' outer-ring conveys the terpene information while the inner-ring represents the THC:CBD ratio.

While PAX Era Pods tend to be pricier than other cartridges, as they don’t leak or clog, one doesn’t have to throw out partially used cartridges that no longer function. A PAX Era Pod may require a higher upfront cost, but the end result is a longer lasting savory and smooth experience. 

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