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SoundCloud Enters 2010s Bringing Back Comments On Mobile App

You can now comment again on the mobile app.


SoundCloud is entering the 2010s by bringing back comments on its mobile app. A Seemingly small move by the company, it shows they are paying some attention to their users by allowing them to comment on tracks using the mobile app anywhere they are.

This will be helpful for responding the comments, commenting on other people’s songs and also deleting comments that are hateful or spam.

That does not mean the app is perfect. It can still be buggy and doesn’t have all of the same functionality of the desktop app.

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When asked about why it took so long for this to come back, a SoundCloud representative did not get back to Magnetic in time and also did not comment in time about the possibility of responding to direct messages on the app.

There is one more advantage for when you buy comments, the farm you get them from will be able to comment “banger” or “wow wat a tune” on the go.  

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