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Surfing Music Festivals And Your Work Commute: Meet The Onewheel+ The Electric Urban Surfboard

Onewheel+ has created a new category of electric transportation, meet the electric urban surfboard.

If you are looking for an alternative mode of transportation or just to get your snowboarding / surfing fix on dry land, the Onewheel+ will surely pique your interest. This is not your ordinary electric skateboard, and to be honest calling it a skateboard is unfair because it's nothing like its four wheeled cousin. 

The Onewheel+ is a completely new category that I like to call the Electric Urban Surfboard [EUS]. This EUS brings the exhilirating feel of a surfboard/snowboard to the pavement, grass, and dirt for those aren't near water or snow. 

Above is a full video review of the Onewheel+ but below are a list of quick thoughts for would be buyers:

Should you buy this? ONLY if you are a board sports nut. If you dream of epic powder sessions, will get up at dawn to hit the slopes or surf, and just love the feeling of the sideways sway, then just buy this now. 

Is it hard to ride? Yes, don't expect to shred day one and rip like the guys in the video. It's easy enough to get the feel on flat concrete or grass, but ease into and build your skills. If you are a boarder/surfer this will come easier for you without a doubt, but don't get cocky or you might be picking up your teeth curbside.  

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How much is it? The Onewheel+ now goes for $1400, see question one. DON'T get this is you are a half-ass person, you are wasting your money. 

Should I wear a helmet? Yes, you are going to wipe out and you need to protect your onboard personal computer. I would also suggest wrist guards and knee pads if you are going off road or really fast. 

Surfboard or Snowboard?  This has the feeling of both, it's like doing a bottom turn on air and feels like virtual powder, if that makes any sense. 

Will this work at music festivals? YES. This might be a dream machine for all the burners out there looking to surf the playa, or zip by all the blue naked people on bikes. If you want to get from stage to stage at Coachella, this is the way to go but you might check with the promoters before getting too excited about zipping around - security might shut that idea down fast. 

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