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The Ultimate Leisure Footwear Just Got Better: Meet The Mahabis 2.0

The same amazing slipper shoe hybrid with a new permanent sole.
Mahabis Classic 2 Show

Great for rocking anywhere, from planes to casual afternoons - no need to put ath- in front of this, these are just pure leisure!

We are huge fans of functional fashion and the athleisure / alpine urban (we coined that, don't hate us if it jumps the shark) trends are exactly what we are into these days. These relaxed yet refined styles reflect the need for comfort and function in today's hectic lifestyle. If you are jumping on planes constantly, working 12 hour days or just need a more functional wardrobe the mahabis 2.0 is for you. 

We got a chance to get our hands on a pair of the first iteration and absolutely loved them, so it was nice to see this simple yet functional evolution. I'm still a fan of 1.0 because of the interchangeable soles but that's gone the way of the dodo it seems, as they are no longer available on the website. 

The 2.0 comes in a variety of options from lux to summer versions and even kids now, plus they have also ventured into the apparel business which also looks amazing - hope to get our hands of some of that soon as well (we already see this making our holiday gift guide).

mahabis 2 slippers

So if you need some footwear that will fit your stylish, yet comfortable lifestyle you have landed on the green 00.

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Mahabis Classic 2 

More on mahabis:

The mahabis CLASSIC 2 is a sleek, Scandinavian inspired slipper that now features an all new, fixed sneaker-like sole, allowing you to wear your slippers for longer, all-day, and anywhere.

The new sneaker sole is made from performance grade TPU, with a multi-surface grip pattern, so your slippers can stand up to all-day wear beyond the home. In addition to the sole, mahabis have made a number of upgrades to make the classic 2 even more comfortable than its award-winning predecessor. The sculpted insock, made of a soft low density foam, has been thickened for longer lasting comfort and softness. The upper has been reformulated for a more ergonomic fit, and sleeker shape. And lastly, mahabis’ signature neoprene heel has been heightened for a more secure, yet comforting grip around the ankle.

These developments have been made after many rounds of testing and customer feedback from selling nearly a million slippers in a little less than 4 years.

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