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"Where Angels Fear to Tread" Disclosure, Island Records/PMR Records

The Brothers Howard have their fans in excited panic, dropping five brand new sample-heavy tracks out of the blue and into our streaming service summer playlists. These just-because gifts all are blended up in their own unique style, with the second in the week of house-y heatmakers really catching my tapping toes attention. I love the 50's crooner sample from "Fools Rush In" wined and dined with a simple shaking beat to give us a classic summer romance of a track. Their third album is on the horizon, we can all taste it and maybe these new tracks are a glimpse at the kinds of sounds and influences we can expect in it.

"Burns (Lane 8 Club Mix)" George Fitzgerald, Anjunadeep

When I heard this remix at Lane 8's This Never Happened show in LA earlier this year, my friends and I turned to each other wide eyed like one of those freaky little big eyed mouse monkey creatures. This track is a soul melter and the strongest combination of the summer by two young and stirring producers who are coming into their own. Can't wait for George's rescheduled show in LA in October at York Manor.

"Solstice" farfetch'd, Soave Radio

House music doesn't get much more glowing than this crispy tanline inducing heater. The melodic house Swedish duo farfetch'd masterfully mixes this cover of Diane Krall's 60's classic, giving it a throwback coastal disco flavor.

"I Told You" Nora Van Elken

We don't know much about Nora Van Elken but she is blowing up all over some of the biggest electronic playlists on Spotify left and right with her high energy uptempo bangers. These are open range, summer sourced, sun fed, jams of the finest Fahrenheit.

"Say Something (JackLNDN Remix)" The Funk Hunters feat. LIINKS, Westwood Recordings

Starting with the Rain EP, the year of 2018 has been a kind one to JackLNDN's listeners. The brit is on one, and we are all lucky enough to bask in this producer elevating his sound to another level. Taking a dubstep-ish track like this and remixing it into a groovy house track couldn't been a simple task but the layered popping energy of the track really stands out on this chart.

"Dream With Somebody" Tinlicker, Armada Music B.V.

A solid progressive house song is hard to come by these days as I've graduated from big room EDM, but the Dutch Jordi van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer Tinlicker have found their way into my "songs on repeat" playlist. 

"Timecode" Anderholm, This Never Happened

Lane 8's label is a magnet for maestro producers akin to him, and Anderholm is top of class in my book.

"Primordial" Satin Jackets feat. Niya Wells, Eskimo Recordings

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Satin Jackets is one of the most underrated groups in music today. Their jams are crisp, unique and never uniform. I appreciate their anti-template evolving sound. Check out more from our Premiere on Magnetic.

"Heavy, California" Jungle, XL Recordings

After Jungle went on hiatus my thirst for that level of groove was unquenchable. I can now happily report I am no longer parched thanks to the fuego singles coming from the Jungle camp. New album drops September 14.

"Intergalactic Plastic (Kidnap Remix)" Lutrell, Anjunadeep

This song sounds like you're traveling through the speed of light through the cosmos. Kidnap gives this tech house piece by Lutrell some legs on it with some percussive shaker elements and really cool melodic house overlay. You'll float a few inches from the ground listening to this ethereal house jam.

"When I'm With Him" Empress Of, Terrible Records

East Los Angeles native and dream pop princess Lorely Rodriguez aka Empress Of is about to drop one of the most stacked albums of 2018 in October with features ranging from Blood Orange's Dev Hynes, duo DJDS and Pional. Peep her homage to her hometown music video for her debut single from her sophomore LP. The track's beat gives me a HEAVY "Secret Garden" by Bruce Springsteen vibe. That scene from Jerry Maguire gets me every time. 

"306" HONNE, Tatemae Recordings

Think about that beautiful POS first ride that you had. Can you picture it? Mine was my grandpa's passed down '89 Buick LeSabre, and you better believe I totaled the shit out of that car at the age of 17. Reminiscing about humble beginnings is what HONNE's jam is all about -- the handful of maxed credit cards, the big dreams that haven't fleshed out, and the ride that was their best friend, a Peugeot 306. This new album from the British duo is really damn impressive, plump with quality features and a range of sounds and influences. Fuck it let's go have some fun.

"Enough to Believe" Bob Moses, Domino Recordings

I love how subdued the third single from Bob Moses' upcoming album is. The simplicity is beautiful and powerful; the lyrics dark and mysterious. All what makes this group so special. From what we've heard, this follow up to the groundbreaking Days Gone By is going to be a strong evolution for the duo and makes this writer even more excited for their LA show in November.

"Blue" Chris Malinchak, French Express

Chris and I have been in this game for a long time together. Honestly the chill electronic genre owes a lot to him. He is one of the Godfathers. And he still produces profoundly beautiful music. Not many can do it like him. His Blue EP from July is a shining and shimmering example of just that. He can take you to a place in your memory or illuminate wherever you're enjoying with his rich soundscapes. It's simply beautiful music.

"Follow Me" SŸDE feat. Evan Klar

One of my favorite parts about this genre is the acoustic instrumental influence. I will be the first to admit that most abuse it and don't know what they're doing. But then there are artists like this who really know how to harmonize the sound with electronics and a strong vocal pairing. Age is but a number, some people are just naturals; and that's the case with the 18-19 year old Aussie duo SŸDE. This is going to be a breakout group over the next year.

Thanks for listening and reading, Chiller Whales! Send any tracks you want to see on the next chart to

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