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See How Synths By Toto, Depeche Mode & Talk Talk Are Made In Reverb Synth Sounds Tutorial Series

Some of the most iconic synths are recreated in this series.
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Reverb Synth Sounds

Floppy Disks used by Depeche Mode

We all love synths. When they are just right they can take a song to another stratosphere. has been releasing a series on how some of the most iconic synths sounds for songs made primarily in the 1980s were created. The series started out with the long-lasting and always relevant "Africa" by Toto and continues with Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” and last week they dived into Talk Talk's “It’s My Life.”

Toto "Africa Tutorial:

The series taps the actual synths that were used for each song such as the Yamaha CS-80 or the Prophet 5 which is used to recreate the brass patch. The kalimba, which you hear all throughout the record, was recorded on the Yamaha Gs-1. See the track come to life just as you might have imagined below.

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Depeche Mode Tutorial:

Now fast forward to 1990 with Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Mode.” The song uses two vintage synths to create its bassline with the Moog Minimoog Model D for a low, deep bass and then the ARP 2600 gives it the grittier sound. They show how the Emulator was used to create many different sounds on the record.

Talk Talk "It's My Life" Tutorial:

The last one released dives into Talk Talk’s iconic “It’s My Life,” which was later covered by No Doubt. The chords were recorded on the Jupiter 8, which the host shows off on the Roland Juno-106. Then they show a few more pieces used with synths Arturia Fairlight CMI, using a software plug-in to create choir sounds in the chorus. 

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