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3D Sculptor Michael Murphy Creating AR Sculptures Using Bing Search Results

The AR sculptures will move and adapt in real-time.
AR Sculptures Michael Murphy Bing

3D Sculpture Michael Murphy is teaming up with Bign and Feelr to create a new project that will create new AR sculptures out of search results in Bing. They will adapt to what users search in real-time, so whatever you type in will start to be morphed into a sculpture in the AR space in front of you. If you are familiar with AR, it has to be viewed through a phone or tablet, so this isn’t a hologram and requires you to use Bing, so put away Google.

Murphy gained his notoriety among the public by creating the first portrait of them presidential candidate Barack Obama and helping to spark the “Art For Obama” movement.

“For months, we brainstormed about the potential of a perceptual artwork in AR and how it would be free from the restrictions of physical forces such as gravity, weight, and scale, and the structural engineering challenges typical in my work. In AR, weight and scale are non-issues; all the heavy lifting is done by the coders and I have the ability to create an installation at virtually any scale,” says Murphy in a statement. "With the use of search, we have been able to design an experience where viewers are in control of the content. I believe that, in creating this visualization of search, Feelr and I have stumbled upon a new platform for creative expression and a new way of presenting data.”

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There aren't plans right now to make this widely available to consumers yet and there isn’t an app for it right now, but the project will be presented at the 3rd annual Bing Agency Awards in New York this month and then again next month for New York Advertising week. It may be available in Microsoft retail stores after that.

AR Sculptures Michael Murphy Bing

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