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ADE May Have Konstantin Speak On Sexism Panel Despite Petition To Remove Him From Festival

Konstantin Photo Magnetic Mag

This is a real head-scratcher. A petition with over 700 signatures by people across the industry and fans alike calling for the removal of Giegling co-founder Konstantin drew attention to the fact that the techno DJ was scheduled to play three gigs during ADE. The petition was calling for his removal from the festival after he made sexist comments about female DJs in 2017, but now he may be getting another gig.

ADE released a statement to Magnetic in response to the petition and what they might do about it.

“Of course we have seen the petition, we agree this is an important topic to address. Probably we will ask Konstantin to attend a panel and discuss this topic. Amsterdam Dance Event is the perfect place, and the awareness about this is becoming bigger and bigger in the music industry. We also work together with She Said So, the global network of women who work in the music industry."

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They don’t have any other details at this point or what they have said to the promoters. The response has not been kind to ADE about this panel.

He is scheduled to play a Circoloco party with Loveland and Mixmag caught up with Loveland’s head booker Robert Deutsch to learn why they booked him. “If these remarks [Konstantin made] are true, I don't stand behind it, I'm against it, it's a stupid thing to say. But it goes way too far to scrutinize somebody for the rest of their lives and boycott stuff.”

“I thought it was already water under the bridge. This [petition] was a surprise to us. I don't think this will help the conversation or discussion in any way….He hasn't given us any reason, apart from this interview, which he said was out of context, I haven't seen any proof that says he really has a hatred against women in any way or form. We shouldn't jump to conclusions.”

If ADE is taking the approach of it takes one to know one, they could have just asked any woman in the business to describe their experience with sexism. Stop forcing women to be responsible for challenging him on his sexist views.

We reached out to an ADE representative for a potential clarification on the matter, but were only pointed to the original statement.

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