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15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of September 2018

Beat your post-festival blues with new music from Danny Byrd, Fox Stevenson, Upgrade, and more

The month of September has been an especially strong one for drum & bass. With new albums from Danny Byrd and Friction, massive compilations from Pilot and Viper, and so many good singles in between from virtually every label in the game, September has left fans of every sub-genre satisfied. With the end of festival season finally upon us, there’s nothing better for those post-festival blues than some banging new music, and we’ve got fifteen of our favorite releases from this month for you below. 

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1. Fox Stevenson - "Bruises" (Pilot)  

So we’ve had this track on repeat pretty much nonstop since it came out – it’s everything we love about Fox, but also something completely different and oh so catchy! Infectious vocals pair with raw guitar infused with Fox’s signature electronic sound, but with all the energy of a live band. “Bruises” is such a memorable track and Fox makes for the perfect frontman!

2. Danny Byrd, Ownglow - "Just A Step Away" (Hospital)  

So Danny Byrd’s new album Atomic Funk has definitely been one of the biggest highlights of the month so far, and it was hard to choose a favorite to feature, but “Just A Step Away” has to be one of the most refreshing tunes we’ve heard in a while. Working with Ownglow, the track is full of sultry summer vibes, contagious vocals, a retro ambiance, and, as with everything Danny Byrd touches, a whole lotta funk!

3. Mat Zo - "Vice" (Mad Zoo)  

A true Renaissance man, Mat Zo has released across a plethora of labels and genres, so his drum & sass releases often offer something a little bit different, and his recent release is no exception. “Vice” delivers retro, feel-good vibes from start to finish, boasting three diverse drops and a whole lot of groove – the perfect end of summer track.

4. Culture Shock - "Get Physical" (RAM) 

Culture Shock has been on fire for months now, and this latest release is no exception. Wonky and weird in the best of ways, “Get Physical” delivers crisp, clean, dancefloor heat flawlessly.

5. Teddy Killerz - "Monsters" (Viper

Teddy Killerz are another artist known for their incredibly versatile, genre-defying releases. This time, it’s raw, unadulterated filth with a metal flair and a whole lot of adrenaline. Electric guitar riffs pair with thunderous drums and ominous vocals for one of the trio’s strongest releases to date.

6. The Upbeats, Noisia, Goth-Trad, and DJ Kentaro - "Long Shadows" 

This one is wild! Noisia & Upbeats working together alone is bound to lead to greatness (“Dead Limit”) but add Goth-Trad and DJ Kentaro into the mix and the result is phenomenal. Dark, wonky halftime vibes but still managing to pack a load of energy and groove, “Long Shadows” is nothing short of fantastic if you like your Drum & Bass on the murky side.

7. Break - "Hip Punch" (Symmetry) 

Break is pretty much a name synonymous with dark & funky drum & bass, and this one is certainly no exception. Simple yet flawlessly executed, the track delivers a hearty dose of heinous bass with some of the cleanest production out there.

8. Bou - "Fever" (Subway Soundz) 

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This relative newcomer first made waves with “Poison” which spread like wildfire – “Fever” is sure to do the same with jump-up-esque basslines paired with jazzy piano riffs. Uniquely elegant, yet still filthy, the track offers a quirky juxtaposition that somehow really works.

9. Mohican Sun - "Simian" (Integral) 

Mohican Sun have had non-stop hype surrounding them since their initial release, managing to maintain an element of mystery by remaining anonymous. Of course, their tracks speak for themselves each and every time, and “Simian” is, of course, another flawless example of the high caliber slew of releases to come from the enigma that is Mohican Sun.

10. Upgrade - "Popular" (UKF Music) 

UKF are responsible for the spread of some of the best bass music primarily through their YouTube channel, but the popular tastemaker also runs a label that releases some serious bangers. This new one from Upgrade is featured on their Bass Culture 4 compilation and is an absolute stinker. Tasteful, funky, jump-up like this is hard to come by, but when it does, it stays on repeat for months on end. 

11. Data 3 - "Losing Myself" (Flexout Audio) 

Data 3 are consistently making moves in the drum & bass scene, both as part of the trio and with their individual projects (including Pola & Bryson and Mark Dinimal). “Losing Myself” represents their incredible diversity. The track is the perfect blend of dark and elegant, with soothing vocals and undulating drums that create a velvety, enchanting atmosphere that is simple yet utterly mesmerizing. 

12. Jubei & Tyrone - "Stabs" (Metalheadz) 

A track that successfully brings old school Drum & Bass vibes while still staying fresh and relevant (a daunting task at best), Jubei and Tyrone team up for this menace of a tune. Ominous and foreboding from the start, the track is both sinister and evocative and makes for one hell of a DJ weapon. 

13. Spectrasoul - "Untitled Horn" (Ish Chat)  

This track has been doing the rounds in DJ circuits the world over, and for good reason. Another menacing tune, the track plays with negative space for maximum impact, using simple high hats and allowing the foghorn-reminiscent lead bass to steal the spotlight amidst relatively minimalistic production. “Untitled Horn” is bound to become a timeless classic for old and new fans of the genre alike. 

14. Friction & Metrik - "Ultrafunk" (Elevate Records) 

Taken from Friction’s debut album, "Ultrafunk" is a collaboration with Metrik, and the two together have made some serious heat. As the name would suggest, the track IS ultra funky, with stabbing synths and ricocheting drums alongside infectious vocal cuts and an undeniable groove. 

15. DOt. - "Hoison" (Lifestyle) 

Part of the label’s new series, “Future,” which focuses on bringing newcomers into the spotlight, “Hoison” is out first introduction to producer DOt., and definitely proves he’s a name to watch. Crisp, clean production with resounding bass and razor-sharp drums, this is an immaculate example of just purely classic Drum & Bass music.

That's it for this month, but be sure to let us know what tunes you think deserved to be in the Top 15 and come back next month for even more certified bangers.

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