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David Morales Accuses Kanye West & Lil Pump Of Stealing His Bassline On "I Love It"

Morales may in for quite a few pennies from this.

David Morales has accused Kanye West and Lil Pump of stealing the bassline from a song he wrote 25 years ago. He is accusing the two rappers and, more importantly their producers, DJ Clark Kent, CBMix, Ronny J (Kanye also produced the record), of stealing from his dub mix of Alexander O'Neal’s “What Is This Thing Called Love?”

In a video Morales addresses Kanye, saying he has been getting comments from people asking if he had been sampled or if his track had been stolen.

“I want to address how he sampled my bassline from a record I did over 25 years ago… If anybody is doubting what I'm talking about, check this out,” he said before playing the track.

He then addresses the controversy, saying he never got any points or money.

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“So yes that is my bassline that I did over 25 years ago. Nobody asked me any permission, nobody gave me any love, no royalties. Not even a coupon to Walmart! But nevertheless, I'm going on record, this is my bassline.”

Kanye West is a notorious sampler and works with many different producers and writers on his music. It could have been an oversight or he just didn’t know about the song, but the flipside is that he and his producers maybe thought their version was different enough to get away with it.

You can compare the two tunes below and see for yourself if you think Morales is owed quite a bit of money.

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