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Discogs Announces Cassette Week Leading Up To Cassette Store Day

Cassette Week will take place from October 8-13.
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If you thought cassettes were dead (you wouldn’t be totally wrong for thinking that), well think again. They have been revived by one corner of the market as a hipster collector’s item at stores like Urban Outfitters and by some pop artists who want to get some extra cash out of their fans. The other corner is people who actually want to listen to music on cassette tapes. Discogs is launching Cassette Week next month, which will culminate on Cassette Store Day, on October 13.

Cassette Week will take place from October 8-13 and features looks into cassette tape culture by Sean Bohrman (Burger Records), Zak Taylor (Director of Cassette), and Ben Blackwell (Third Man Records), as well as a deep-dive into the resurgence of cassettes on Discogs. Sales have grown by 35% in 2018, up from nearly 30% in 2017. Cassette Store Day initially launched in 2013 and will take place on October 13.

CSD will have limited releases from artists like J. Dilla, Sleep, Sun Ra, Death From Above 1979, LOSSES and White Denim. See the full list here.

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