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DJs Call For Cultural "Boycott Of Israel" In Support Of Palestine

A #DjsforPalestine campaign has started with some big names like Ben UFO, The Black Madonna, Four Tet, Laurel Halo and more.
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A slew of DJs are publically making statements together in a campaign called #DjsforPalestine. The campaign is calling for the boycott of Israel as a way of supporting Palestine.

The text from the post reads, ”As long as the Israeli government continues its brutal and sustained oppression of the Palestinian people we respect their call for a boycott of Israel as a means of peaceful protest against the occupation.”

Various artists have signed including Ben UFO, The Black Madonna, Caribou, Ciel, DEBONAIR, the Discwoman collective, Four Tet, Gunnar Haslam, Laurel Halo, Noncompliant, object blue, Pariah, Peder Mannerfelt, Rrose, Violet and others (via RA).

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Jacques Greene has signed on in a less official capacity.

The move follows continued efforts across various cultural and economic sectors around the world to place pressure on the Israeli government in regard to the treatment of Palestinians. Meteor Festival has been a noted target with 18 artists canceling their performances including Leon Vynhall, Lana Del Rey, Shlohmo, Mall Grab and Honey Dijon. 

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