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Exclusive: ag. Sunday Chillout Mix

The new pairing mix together Four Tet, Maribou State and others.


If you are like me and recovering your mind, body and soul from a festival over the weekend (but still have to work for that content….), then you probably need an ice bath and something to rinse your mind out. We present you ag. or Ross Quinn and Andrew Goddard, who are teaming up on a new project that blends live music with ambient electronica. They just released their new single “All Falls Down” on Friday, following their debut as a duo “Warped Minds,” and to celebrate we had them make us a Sunday chillout mix. Yes it is Monday, but you can chill everyday. Make sure you save the mix for this Sunday, then the following Sunday and every Sunday after that.

"As well as doing live shows we still do the odd DJ set now and then! In our sets we like to take people on a journey experimenting with lots of different textures and moods," the duo says about their mix. "Bringing you up with a more energetic track and then letting things settle with an ambient soundscape. This track list is a perfect insight into our current tastes.”

Peep the mix and follow along with the tracklist.

Howling - Phases

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