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Probably the one DJ most likely to be mistaken for a Lumberjack, Will Clarke has taken it upon himself to fuse dark and dirty house music with a flare that gets people shaking what their mother's gave them. His Booty Percolating EP is just one of many incredibly successful musical releases that has shot this artist straight into stardom. As his career continues to grow, and the dance floors continue to get down, Will has taken the time to sit with us and tell us about his 'A Date with Will Clarke Tour', his musical influences, and his top 3 butts in the world. 

To start off, tell us about your ‘A Date With Will Clarke’ tour that’s just begun this month.

So this is just a way for me to meet new fans outside of the club, each show i'm going to take a couple of people out on a ‘date’ do something fun eat some good food. I like making friends in cities and also its a way for me to say thanks to people that come to my shows week in, week out.

You’ve got a pretty packed touring schedule, what do you do in your free time to relax?

Hmm honestly although my schedule looks busy i'm only touring maximum 3/4 days a week but usually only 2 days. Most people work 5 days and have 2 days off so I find it pretty easy. Sometimes yes the traveling gets rough however I usually take one day out to do life admin and adulting then the rest is in the studio writing new music, designing new clothes for Doing It For The Cuddles and brain storming new ideas. However every day I take time out to go to the gym and also cook some nice food. I love cooking.

After a long day on the road, what’s the best meal you can think of that just brings you happiness every time?

If I am back in the UK there is an Indian restaurant called Table 8 in a small village called Wedmore which is very close to where I live. That place just is THE BEST. However if I am in my place in Detroit a nice home cooked steak always wins.

How did you become part of the Dirtybird family and what comes with being part of a collective like that? 

I signed my first record to them back in 2014 called "Badness" which was on the 10 year anniversary compilation, then the rest was history. They are the best crew to be part of simple, I've said it in many interviews and to many people, one of the main reasons why I'm as successful as I am is because of Dirtybird and Claude.

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What’s been your favorite festival experience so far in your career? 

Favorite festival has to be Dirtybird Campout East Coast, they had some issues with sound and the set times were shortened on the day I played so I ended up only having 45 minutes. This meant I had to just go in and give the crowd the best possible time I could in the short period I had. I believe I did this haha.

Who or what are your biggest musical influences? 

Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Hans Zimmer

How did you get into booty rockin’ house music? 

From the age of 9 I've been in to house music. It was initially soulful and my sounds change, but who doesn’t love a bit of DJ Deeon and DJ Funk that shit just puts a smile on my face…

How long have you been growing the beard? Will you ever shave it off? 

4.5 years and no this baby is stuck for life...

If you want to catch one of Will Clarke's sets and get dirty on the dance floor you can catch him at both CRSSD or Dirtybird Campout West.

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