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This Saturday, Chicago will be home to a new breed of Dirtybird festival, The BirdhouseClaude VonStroke, the Dirtybird flock's frontrunner, curated the event early this summer with the help of native Chicago promotion team, Silver Wrapper. The Birdhouse will be the perfect mix of classic deep house vibes and a new take on old school street fairs. Chicago is no stranger to street fairs or house music making it the perfect location for Claude VonStroke's new festival. The Flock boasts the best carnival food and classic carnival games. Who doesn't love the perfect pairing of cotton-candy, corndogs, and deep house rhythm? Not only that, but there will be prizes signed by the Dirtybirds to win all day.  

The official lineup is stacked with some of the best of the Dirtybird team and some of Chicago's own natives, including Gene Farris, Fancy Fux, Teknicoz. Some of our most anticipated sets are the amazing back to back scheduled this Saturday, such as Ardalan b2b Christian Martin and J. Phlip b2b Gene Farris. Claude VonStroke, the leader himself, will be headlining the festival as well. 

Christian Martin, one of the original co-founders of the Dirtybird sound and incredibly successful artist, has created an exclusive playlist for you to get ready for The Birdhouse. Christian Martin had this to say about The Birdhouse: 

“I’m really looking forward to playing the first Birdhouse Festival in Chicago this weekend! It’s always a pleasure playing b2b with Ardalan, sky is the limit when it comes to weird tracks we may drop. I made a special Spotify playlist for the occasion, featuring some of my favorite tracks by Chicago artists and a couple of our recent collabs.” 

Here is his exclusive playlist:

On top of Christian Martin's exclusive playlist, we, at Magnetic Magazine have made our own playlist to help you get ready for this Saturday. You can never have enough music to pump you up for this new festival. 

Gene Farris - Welcome To Chicago

One of Chicago's very own Dirtybird natives, Gene Farris is the perfect fit for this festival.  He is immersed in the Chicago house scene everyday and knows what it wants. While "Welcome to Chicago" is one of Gene Farris's older tracks, it shows exactly what you should expect from this deep house artist. He will be going b2b with J.Phlip this Saturday which will make an explosive team. 

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J. Phlip - Say My Name

J.Phlip is no stranger to Chicago. She has played in the city countless times and to date has not disappointed. J.Phlip's determination in the music industry is overwhelming. She is a fierce business women; however, incredibly fun and bubbly. Her music reflects this fierceness but bouncy style. She effortlessly reads a crowd and adapts to their needs. "Say My Name" is one of our favorite originals from her. 

Will Clarke - House Girl

Will Clarke, a Bristol native, is giving us some of his cuddly personality this weekend, which we could not be more excited about. Everyone needs a good cuddle in their life and might as well get a good one from Will Clarke's sets. His song "House Girl' is the epitome of Dirtybird house and we could not pick a better song to add for The Birdhouse.

Fancy Fux - Stripper

Another one of Chicago's own artists and Dirtybird. The duo is enriched in the orginial Chicago hip-hop and juke scene. Their song "Stripper" gave them the break they needed in 2016 when Claude VonStroke heard the track and picked them up. This song is the perfect song to get you up and dancing like a stripper the day of the festival.

Christian Martin and Ardalan - Flight of the Pterodactyl

Another anticipated b2b this weekend is Christian Martin and Ardalan. And what a better way to get us ready for their set, than a song by the two of them, "Flight of the Pterodactyl. These two know how to get a song out that perfectly captures the two's music style without stepping on one another's toes. The songs eerie melody but upbeat tones make you bounce around without even thinking about it. Soon, you will find yourself up strutting around the room. 

Let us know what songs are on your playlist to get you ready for The Birdhouse. See you all this Saturday, September 8! Get tickets to the event here.

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