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As a child many experience life-changing events, specifically bullying. People are horrible, but those who are strong persevere and use these horrific events that are meant to bring one down to grow stronger. These experiences are then crafted into stunning works of art. Musicians, in my opinion, take the aforementioned experiences and turn them into messages of love, positivity, and hope. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born and Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Jason Heffler, better known as Fluencee, has embarked on a journey to captivate listeners and change the world through music. During his childhood, he was continually bullied because of his speech impediment. Heffler has since owned his impediment by saying what he struggles to say in real life through music. Music has no impediments and is the universal language around the globe. Heffler has done said just that and more with his personal and explorative new Foxgloves EP. 

"This record is a long time coming for me. It explores bullying, loss of love, and a number of motifs that have shaped who I am today. And I couldn't be more proud of it." - Fluencee

Fluencee opens the Foxgloves EP with the deep and emotive "Foxgloves." The track is an honest and solid reminder to keep those that you love close to you and do everything you can to keep them in your life. "Find Someone Else" is the second track that creates an unprecedented atmosphere and reiterates the voices for those who have been taken advantage of too often. Bri Tolani offers her angelic vocals for the third track, "Burning Me." The melodies that Fluencee has complemented Tolani's vocals with go together harmoniously like two doves in love. 

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Bringing the Foxgloves EP to a closing is "Unattainable," a sharp contrast and showcase of Fluencee's talents with the pop and future bass genres. With vocals from the talented Lilianna Wilde, "Unattainable" provides us with the perfect blend of both worlds. Finally, Fluencee wraps up his powerful message of love, respect, and perseverance with "Tell Me You Love Me." The symphonic piece sends a message many yearn to hear and be told. 

The burgeoning producer and DJ has also garnered support from world-renowned artists like The Chainsmokers, Firebeatz, Paul Oakenfold, TJR, Tommy Trash, and many more. 

Fluencee has continued to shine through and through again. 2018 has been the year of the Los Angeles-based producer. He will open for MOTi at the prestigious Avalon nightclub in Los Angeles on October 13. 

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