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Four Tet Releases Another Live Album, This Time From 2013 Tokyo Show

Four Tet follows his Funkhaus live album with a new one from Tokyo in 2013.
Four Tet

Four Tet

After releasing a live album at the end of August for his May 2018 performance at Funkhaus in Berlin, Four Tet has done it again with another performance from a 2013 Tokyo show.

Four Tet tweeted out the album, Live in Tokyo, 1st December 2013, for his show at the Hostess Club Weekender at Yebisu The Garden Hall in 2013. The set had been originally placed on SoundCloud, but it has since been removed presumably so he can post it as a live album.

He also revealed that the 4TLR alias that these albums are being posted under is Four Tet Live Recordings, which could mean more of these live sets are on their way. Live albums are not anything new, but instead of putting out mixes on hard to monetize platforms like SoundCloud and Mixcloud, if you play your own music, this is an easy option to put out more music. The album can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify or wherever else you stream music.


01. Ba Teaches Yoga (Tokyo 1st December 2013)

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