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How To Dress Well Announces New Experimental Electronic-Leaning Album 'The Anteroom'

How To Dress Well will release his fifth album in October via Domino.
How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

Tom Krell, better known as How To Dress Well, has announced his new album The Anteroom. Krell’s fifth album, The Anteroom is one of his more experimental records, exploring a more psychedelic and electronic side of his sound. How To Dress Well and Joel Ford produced the record.

In addition to announcing the album, its tracklist and release date, he also released a single from the record “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger” that gives an indication of where the album is still going. The record brings his soft crooning voice and gentle melodies you know from How To Dress Well, but in a different light.

The record was recorded after the 2016 election, so like many, it took him into a dark place and that is found in this.

“I wrote the record after moving to Los Angeles, which is a crazy and maybe dreadful place, right after the 2016 election, with hell and death gaining ground all around us on every corner of the globe. The Anteroom is testament to a two-year period in which I felt myself slipping out of the world and into a cosmic loneliness in which I would eventually be dissolved. In order to give myself a way back, I began to try to understand my station as some kind of anteroom – a space between – a chamber that separates the known and the unknown, stable life from total disintegration.”

The Anteroom will be released on October 19 via Domino Records. Pre-order the vinyl or digital version.

The Anteroom Tracklisting:

01. Humans Disguised as Animals | Nonkilling 1

02. Body Fat

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03. False Skull 7

04. Nonkilling 3 | The Anteroom | False Skull 1

05. Vacant Boat

06. Nonkilling 13 | Ceiling for the Sky

07. A Memory, The Spinning of a Body | Nonkilling 2

08. Nonkilling 6 | Hunger

09. July 13 No Hope No Pain

10. Love Means Taking Action

11. Brutal (feat. Ocean Vuong) | False Skull 5

12. False Skull 12

13. Nothing

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