In The Know: SoStereo's Weekly Music News Summary September 14, 2018

SoStereo's weekly music news summary with Spotify raising its song cap, a new playlist form SoundCloud, big news from Apple and more.
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Spotify Raises It’s 3,333 Song Download Cap:

Spotify is finally raising its hated 3,333 song download cap. People do want to stream music, but they also like taking music with them on the go and want more than just 3,333 songs with a three device limit. The new update will lift this to 10,000 songs per device over five devices as per Rolling Stone. This has long been the ire of so many users and this may make them a bit happier.

SoundCloud Introduces New Weekly Playlist:

SoundCloud is looking to compete more and more with other streaming services by rolling out services that mimic what they are doing. Now SoundCloud is launching is own playlist called SoundCloud Weekly, which gives users recommendations of new music to listen to based on what they have liked, shares and listened to. It is like a Spotify's Discover Weekly.

Philadelphia’s Electric Factory Sold To AEG Presents:

After three decades as an independent venue, Philadelphia Electric Factory is now being sold to AEG Presents. AEG has to find a new name since Live Nation owns the last one. AEG signed exclusive rights to book the venue three years ago, so it seemed like this was coming, but it is yet another independent venue around the United States getting bought by Live Nation or AEG. The 3,000 person capacity club was first opened in 1968, but shuttered in 1970, before being reopened in 1995 in its current location.

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Apple Music Launched 116 Global Top 100 Charts:

Apple Music has joined the chart game with 116 new global charts that will track music across its platform. The charts will be updated daily and be based on Apple Music streams. They include a Top 100 Global and individual lists for each country Apple Music can be found in according to Music Business World Wide.

Apple Announces Host Of New Products An Annual Event:

Apple hosted its large annual event this week, unveiling a bunch of new iPhones and a new smart watch and more, much to the delight of fans and those in the tech media. They come with more features, better storage and more, though at a pretty eye-watering price. One thing that will concern some, especially those who listen to music, is that Apple is discontinuing the 6 models and SE, which were the last with headphone jacks. More importantly though, the dongles they sent users to use headphones will no longer be free, so users will have to pay $9 each time, which doesn’t seem like much compared to a $1000 or $1500 phone, but it could break some customers.

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