[Interview + Mix] New Artist Spotlight: Mason Maynard

22 Year-old, Mason Maynard, is proving to be the newest addition to the re-developing UK-style house scene as he drops some DFTD-friendly beats & production across the UK and Ibiza.
Mason Maynard

Mason Maynard

Fresh and rising, Mason Maynard, is show stopping the UK and the Balearic islands as the newest rising talent in the UK house scene. The 22-year-old, Manchester-born DJ/producer has been dubbed 'One To Watch' by BBC Radio 1's Monki. His tracks have been scooped up by Danny Howard's Nothing Else Matters label, released an EP on Solardo's Sola Records imprint and collaborated with Green Velvet and Lee Foss. He has released on reputable labels such as Cajual, Repopulate Mars, DFTD and Relief Records. Maynard has already performed at big named festivals such as Hideout, The Warehouse Project and Parklife, as well as received support from notorious talents such as Pete Tong, Skream, Richy Ahmed, Patrick Topping, Claude Von Stroke, Hot Since 82 and Carl Cox

If that wasn't enough, the budding Talent has secured himself several dates at Eric Prydz's residency at Hi Ibiza, Solid Grooves at Privilege and a performance at Adobe's Do Not Sleep at Amnesia. His 2018 dates keep growing with an upcoming Australia and New Zealand tour this September. Needless to say, everyone should keep their eye on Mason Maynard and bright future the kid is heading for!  

Mason Maynard

Get a taste of Mason Maynard with an exclusive interview and mix for Magnetic Magazine: 

Magnetic Mag: Tell me a little about your background in music? How did you start producing and DJ'ing?

Mason Maynard: I first came into touch with music when I was younger. My dad used to DJ R&B music. Me and my cousin when we were around 10 years old started getting instrumentals off YouTube and rapping to them. We eventually tried to make our own beats with Cubase and Reason around 12. I started DJ’ing a couple years ago. I was going to loads of parties and raves and I started listening to house music. Seeing that and being in that kind of environment made me want to get into it. I’d always made music but when I was making it years ago, it didn’t have a genre, but house music was the first thing I put my head to that actually had a genre.

MM: Having been born in Manchester and I am assuming growing up - did this influence your style of music that you play/produce?

Mason: Yeah definitely. When you’re from here you don’t see it as much but from the outside looking in, people think it’s quite gritty. Manchester crowds love anything that’s loud and fat. That’s what I try and replicate in my music and I think it comes across.

MM: Ripe at the age of 22, how is it that you are being supported by so many big names such as Pete Tong, Danny Howard, Monki, Jamie Jones, etc...

Mason: Knowing people really, like I actually know Danny and Monki. If you’ve got a relationship with people and can put a face to a name, that can get you places. Obviously, it also does come down to people liking your style of music and suiting their tastes. I think some people are probably supporting me because I’m young and want to support the next generation...

MM: How did you end up playing for Eric Prydz in Ibiza and find yourself on the lines ups of major festivals such as SW4, The Warehouse Project, etc.

Mason: A good agent haha! The Eric Prydz was more of a natural step following me closing down his club room at the Solardo pre-parties. SW4 came about recently. I don’t know too much about how it got there. But I know it’s a massive festival with a massive crowd, so I’m grateful to be getting a showcase. The Warehouse Project is Manchester based, it’s like the Mecca for DJ’s. Everyone wants to play at Warehouse and I’m no different. It came about last year from when I played at Solardo sessions, then this year at ‘Higher’ which is their new night. So, I think it’s partly due to hometown love.

MM: You are releasing a record on Danny Howard's Nothing Else Matters and an EP on Sola Records, how did that come to be?

Mason: The tune with Danny I had for ages. No one could clear the sample and then Danny got his team behind it and it luckily got cleared. It’s managed to be my breakout song so to speak. It performed really well on Spotify, getting over 2 million streams. Surreal for an underground club track that was made in my Nana’s room on the floor. The EP on Sola Records went hand in hand with being a resident at their sessions. I put my first song out on Sola, so it was only right that I’d release an EP there.

MM: What is your biggest motivator as an up and coming artist? What is your overall goal?

Mason: Biggest motivator is probably the fact that I’ve got a family to take care of. The overall goal would be to tour all the time and play in front of the hugest crowds. Crowds who understand what you’re doing and are there for the right reasons; to see you play. So definitely, touring for years to come.

MM: We read about many young artists that rose too fast and have developed unhealthy habits that caught up to them as they got older, how are you keeping your life in balance as the demand for more records and touring become a more a frequent thing?

Mason: Learning how to say no to certain things. The job comes with a certain stereotype so sometimes you just have to say no. Whether that is drinking or partying. Even though it’s good to do all those things, if you want to maintain, you need to follow a lot of the guys at the top who have off switches. That’s what some young guys don’t have which is why they fizzle out quickly.

MM: From one young artist to the many out there that are trying to make it in the game, what are some tips/advise that you can share?

Mason: Don’t be a dick. It’s nice to be nice to everyone. You never know who you’re talking to, who that random person floating around backstage. If you’re a dick to someone, they could be the owner of the biggest festival that wanted to book you next year. Then without you knowing, you’ve lost a big show. Respect other people and keep your energy high. Don’t be insulting or arrogant because many people came before you and many people will after you. So, if you really want to last long in this business, don’t pigeonhole yourself by having negative characteristics.

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