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Event: Magnetic Presents Archie Hamilton [Halcyon SF]

We grabbed 5 minutes with Archie Hamilton today as he arrives into SF for his gig tonight at Halcyon SF

It's that time again. Magnetic heads to the bay for a night of hedonism and house music via Halcyon SF. Tonight's guest, Archie Hamilton. We caught up with him for a quick 5-minute chat before he hits the decks. 


Archie we are so excited to have you at Halcyon this weekend for your first ever play at the club with Magnetic Mag, what are you looking forward to most about the gig and returning to SF?

I’ve heard such great things about Halcyon, so I’m really looking forward to checking out the venue. I’ve got an extra day in the city too, so I’m looking forward to exploring SF.

You’ve just toured in Australia and are heading across to Berlin next weekend to play the famous Katerblau with us in between, do you find huge differences in global areas either vibe/style wise or?

Yes, there are massive differences between all the different countries I play, which is what keeps visiting them all so exciting! Each city has different energy and some places know me and my music better than other, so it keeps me on my toes.

_MGL0091, Jamie Burke

What are the three key touring items you simply can’t manage without?

My iPad to watch movies - a key flight essential

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My new Focal studio headphones that I won as a prize at the DJ awards this week - love them

Plenty of water - crucial!

You’re well known for your connection with the iconic FUSE, what does the future hold between yourself and the brand?

More! We just announced our 10th anniversary, which will begin in November and span the globe through 2019. Lots more music, parties and DJ sets with the crew!

You just won BEST PRODUCER at the DJ Awards - Congrats! Production-wise, what’s next?

Thank you, it was a huge honour. I’m continuing to work on lots of new material, my new record on Moscow with Benson Herbert just dropped on Friday, so be sure to check that out. I have a remix coming soon on Visionquest and I’m working on new solo material for Moscow and FUSE.

Halcyon is known for DJs playing extended sets at the club, is this something you embrace as an artist?

Absolutely - I never really settle into my set until the first hour's done, from then on if it’s good, you'll have to drag me off the decks! 


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