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Magnetic Exclusive: Michael Klein Shares Video For Track 'So Far To Go', Off Debut Album Snapshot [Second State]

Forthcoming on Pan Pot's Second State

There's an argument to be made that the art of writing an album is a worthless endeavor in the current world of electronic music. Most tracks have a shelf life of weeks, so many artists have opted for multiple EPs instead of full-lengths. But, there are still those who believe in the process. Berlin-based Michael Klein is one such individual. Today, Magnetic brings you an exclusive preview of the album, in the form of a video for the track So Far To Go. Forthcoming on Second State, the label run by techno titans Pan Pot, Snapshot blends tough sounds and crisp melodies to create a striking piece of work. But, before we get into that, we asked Michael to give us the lowdown on both the album and the track itself. Check what he had to say after the break. 


"My debut album called Snapshot is very dance floor focused with a few exceptions and explorations into experimental territories. The focus of this album was to create a selection of tracks that tell a story together but which are also all playable in a club context. I wanted to communicate my take on techno through tracks that fit all the phases of a typical club night. From the intro to the closing track, from the trippy groover that puts you into trance and self-awareness to the peak time track that makes you scream and pump your fist.

Michael Klein

During the production process I always already have an idea how the track should visually be represented. I think visuals can, of course, be really distracting when done badly but if they are done by or with the composer of the musical part they can become something very powerful. Basically a multiplier of the emotion the composer wants to communicate. This is the main reason why I always try to also provide something visual supporting my music. Like the video, I made for the track "So Far To Go" (see video attached). It focuses on the progression of an organic looking smoke sphere. An object that seems natural and familiar while being mysterious at the same time pulling the viewer even deeper into the dark and obscure rabbit hole.

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To further emphasize the importance of the visual aspect I created a custom made A/V installation which I was able to set up at a shutdown bath house in Berlin. For this, I created atmospheric versions of a few of the album tracks tailored at the bathhouses acoustics with very stripped animations for my 2x4 meter A/V LED wall. If you watch my social media channels closely the next days you might find some video footage of the A/V performance."

Snapshot by Michael Klein will be released on October 5th via Pan Pot's label, Second State. 

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Michael Klein: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram
Second State: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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