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Many musicians nowadays seem to wait patiently in line for their turn being the next big artist - Twin Peaks, on the other hand, have pushed through the crowd and kicked in the door. Thursday night began surprisingly mellow with a set by Sky Hank & Heady Weed to ease us into the sound, followed by a pure rock n roll performance by Vacation, properly preparing us for the headliner. Members of Twin Peaks gradually eased their way onstage as the crowd bottled in their excitement. Before the first verse of "Butterfly" could be uttered, the floor was in motion - one large mosh pit, widespread crowd surfing, flying beers, and Clay's mic stand had been tipped over multiple times. With nonstop hype from the sweat drenched mass, Twin Peaks were more motivated than ever to play out the night. See how it went down in the photo gallery below.

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