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Today, Pioneer DJ announces their latest all-in-one controller, the XDJ-RR, designed to help new DJs transition from the bedroom to the party or club. The controller is built specifically for Rekordbox, and adopts basic features from their flagship NXS2 set-up, such as the layout and many of the FX and performance controls from the CDJ players and DJM mixer. The XDJ-RR can either be used standalone with a USB, or while connected to a computer using Rekordbox. Like its predecessor, the XDJ-RX2, the RR contains a large LED screen, which allows you to see the wave forms in real time. Where the RR excels is that it's super lightweight and portable, over 43% lighter than the RX2, giving you the freedom to take it anywhere. Check out the intro video below. 

The XDJ-RR will be launching later this month at $1099

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