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Premiere: Doorly Remixes Mind Enterprises 'Gemini' Into Chugging 80's House Gem

Bringing the 80's to your dancefloor.
Mind Enterprises

Mind Enterprises

Everybody loves music from the 80’s. The energy, the melodies and the carefree attitude that you hear always seems to translate when you hear a track either from the era or using it as it’s inspiration. Mind Enterprises’ “Gemini” has those same qualities with an addictive synth line and a vocal that works as a hook anytime, anywhere. Now the track is getting a Doorly remix that bridges then and now, simplifying things a little bit with a chugging house rework.

Doorly keeps a lot of what made the original great, but then adds a little something different to it. The synth line remains a constant, weaving its way throughout the record, while the piano melody floats on top. Doorly then takes over and adds some chugging bass with fluttering percussion underneath as fx shimmer back and forth in the mix. Mind Enterprises’ vocal comes and goes and is used as part of the melody.

For Doorly, making this remix was something he needed to do after coming across Mind Enterprises’ music.

“I stumbled across this guy Mind Enterprises and thought these tracks must have been made in the 80's, but they were so clean and precise and upon looking further it’s this young ninja making the most exciting original music I’ve heard in years. I immediately had to reach out to him to find out more, as the music he is making is game changing stuff,” Doorly says to Magnetic.

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“So, it was a massive honor to be able to contribute a remix here for an already wonderful record. I thought I’d just give it a little massage to make it something that can be played out a bit later at the club. Everybody needs to be watching this kid. He’s incredible."

For Mind Enterprises, the match was easy and he hopes they can work together more in the future.

“Doorly got in touch to say he was digging the releases and to see if I could maybe so something for his label so I immediately thought I would see if he fancied remixing ‘Gemini.’ He did an amazing job of ‘housing it up’ and has delivered a great remix that retains the core of my original but adds a bit of peaktime club attitude to it! Hoping we can DJ together at some point soon too...”

The remix will be released tomorrow, September 28. But until then, stream Doorly’s remix of “Gemini” here.

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