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Premiere: LA Riots Flip Classic Mr Fingers Sample On "House Is A Feeling"

And they brought some friends along for the ride.

It's been just over 10 years since LA Riots helped usher an era of dance music that became defined by the hedonistic and genre-bending sound of electro-house. There's no doubt that their influence had a tremendous impact on dance and they helped set the stage for a new generation of dance music creators. Their sound has evolved quite a bit in that time, adopting more of the classic groove of house music. 

"House Is A Feeling" is a snapshot of that progression. Melding a bit of the old with a lot of the new, the track is built on a bed of smooth silky Rhodes and a bassline that bends and stretches like the most limber of dancers. At the center is a slice of classic house that seemingly never goes out of style, a dash of the ubiquitous vocal from Mr Fingers' 1987 classic "Can You Feel It."

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"House Is A Feeling" comes with a pair of remixes from Lucati and Fritz Carlton. Lucati, not surprisingly takes things a techier direction with a driving bassline and a thumping drum line. Fritz Carlton gives us seven minutes of heavenly synth grooves, vocal clips and eerie arpeggios. 

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