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Premiere: Parra For Cuva Takes You On Dreamy Journey With Album Title Track 'Paspatou'

Float away with Parra For Cuva as we reveal the title track to his upcoming album 'Paspatou'
Parra For Cuva

Parra For Cuva

Cologne-born electronic music artist Parra For Cuva has developed a strong niche following in the past three or so years with the release of his first two artist albums Majouré and Darwis, along with a few viral remixes. Now he is ready to take the next step on his upcoming album Paspatou and we are happy to present the title track for you today.

The single has what fans know and love from the artist with its dreamy melodies, soft guitar sashaying above easy percussion and pitched up vocals to fit into his relaxed, yet melancholic delivered by the record.

“The title song from my forthcoming album Paspatou is a dreamy, yet melancholic journey into the field of pop music, with tunes that sound refreshingly different to my earlier material," explains the producer. "By sparing out vocal features and solely using sampled tunes I hope the track translates its uniquely tragic note."

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If you were wondering how long you would have to wait for the full album, it isn’t that long. Paspatou will be released on November 22. You can pre-order the record on iTunes here.

Parra For Cuva Paspatou

Paspatou album cover

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