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Premiere: FRND Gets Bubbly House Remix From "Poppyverse" Star Charlotte The Mannequin

Charlotte The Mannequin puts a house spin on this FRND record.
Poppy Charlotte The Mannequin

Charlotte The Mannequin

FRND have been slowly rising over the past year of so with a blend of pop and dance music. Now they get one the internet's more intriguing and stranger artists, Charlotte The Mannequin, who comes from the wild and baffling universe surrounding Poppy, to remix one of their songs, "Before U I Didn't Exist."  

The remix keeps much of the original, notably its leading synth line, but speeds things up and gives it much more of a noticeable Poppy touch. The vocals are processed to sound robotic, while a house bassline is added underneath that makes this more suited for a dancefloor. The trap snares are stripped away to keep with the four-on-the-floor beat, while a few extra synths are added in. Charlotte brings vocals of her own to keep with the theme of the track, robotically announcing, “Before you I didn't exist.”

“Charlotte gave this song a facelift by incorporating house elements and a revamped robotic voice and I’m obsessed with it,” says FRND.

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Charlotte follows that up with this interesting and bold statement.

“I am a famous DJ. And it was a pleasure working with my friend FRND. Together we make the best music ever. This one is dedicated to my fans.”

Stream the remix now until it is released tomorrow.

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